Engineering and Planning
  • Aluminium and magnesium
    Sand casting with organic and inorganic binders | Gravity die casting with organic and inorganic cores | Low pressure die casting for car parts | Magnesium and aluminum die casting for car structural parts | V process with foil | Vertical and horizontal continuous casting and EMC
  • Iron casting (GJL, GJS, GJV, ADI and steel casting)
    Casting processes for large castings weighing more than 120 t | Cooling time reduction in large castings | Influence of internal stresses in castings | Thin wall steel casting and thin wall aluminum casting | Special steel casting for car and truck parts | Gravity die casting for rotationally symmetrical castings up to 20 t
  • Copper and bronze
    V-process with foil | Gravity die and sand casting for all copper and bronze alloys | Tilt pouring casting for aluminum multi-material bronze | Compound casting processes
  • Planning of complete foundries, forges and their follow-up processes
    Green sand production lines for engineering and automotive castings | Large gravity die casting for ship parts | Foundry for wind energy parts | Modernization of foundries in melting operation | Modernization and automation of foundries and their entire processes | Building and remodeling in existing foundries and on the greenfield
  • Forging
    Timely maintenance and major overhauls of facilities | Planning of plants and processes as well as their implementation
    Civil engineering
  • Civil Engineering
    Industrial construction measures and permits with Seibel Architekturconsult from Düsseldorf as a long-time partner


Consulting and advice

Your satisfaction is our highest goal. Together with you we - as a reliable partner - realize the best and most economical solution for you. We combine our planning and process knowledge with our expertise and experience. With the help of potential and value stream analyses, we will show you the existing potential in your company as part of the consulting process.

  • Potential audits at shop floor level / based on benchmarks
  • MAC value stream analysis for implementation directly into practice
  • Benchmark studies
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Process improvements based on Industry 3.0 and 4.0, including evaluation
  • Business partner, target and site evaluations
  • Technology audits
  • Company evaluations
  • Interim management (foundry, forging and engineering processes as well as timely and operational maintenance)
  • Planning in all areas of the foundry and forging industry
  • Casting, forging and machine building process engineering (processes of alloys of cast iron, steel, aluminum and copper)
  • Process optimization (foundry, forging and engineering processes)
  • Foundry consultancy for aluminum, cast iron, steel and copper materials
  • Metallurgical support for aluminum, cast iron, steel, copper materials and special alloys (chilled casting, special steels, special constructions etc.)
  • Planning and project management for timely and operational maintenance
  • Planning and project management in all upstream and downstream areas of the foundry, forging and machine construction processes
  • Professional planning tool for projecting, time management and cost overview


Special tools for cost and schedule controlling

With tick@time, building technology and mac@cost, we have three tools that make it much easier for us to manage costs and schedules for projects. This guarantees a complete overview at all times, and thus leads to higher target achievement. The project employees record their respective project activities in the three tools, which allows an overview of the project status at all times.