Case Studies

MAC Case Study 01
Large castings foundry, South Korea [pdf]

MAC GmbH | Consulting and Engineering was approached by a South Korean machining company since they did not get the number of raw castings with the required metallurgical structure for marine engine cylinder liners on the market. The idea was to build an own foundry and to start production for own supply. Design capacity for the foundry was set to 11.000 cylinder liners per year with an average weight of the raw casting of 9 metric tons. Due to the special grey iron composition the foundry engineering was closely connected to the casting technology, both are rendered by MAC.

MAC Case Study 02
2-stroke aluminium cylinder blocks, germany [pdf]

MAC GmbH | Consulting and Engineering was approached by a manufacturer of combustion engine components to design and realize 2 highly automated lines for the near-net-shape casting of an aluminium 2-stroke-engine cylinder block. The casting is used in chain saws, weed cutters and other gardening equipment. The objective was to implement the production lines in an existing operation, to lift the level of automation to be mastered in the plant and therefore to make the operation fit for the future. Design capacity for the first production line was 1.1 Mio. cylinders per year and 0.8 for the second line.

MAC Case Study 03
case study concept engineering, boogie parts steel foundry [pdf]

MAC GmbH | Consulting and Engineering was contacted by a Russian railcar manufacturer who had acquired a stake in a steel foundry outside of Russia in order to produce steel castings for boogies to be used in freight transport railcars. The task was to engineer a highly economical foundry concept enabling the steel foundry to continue with the ongoing production for western customers and to produce in addition sideframes and bolsters for the Russian railway. The future output figures were about 8 times higher than the existing production.