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Not egoism, but working together on exciting projects makes us strong in these times.

by Manuela Reich, Switzerland

Your project – our specialist knowledge

We are specialized in foundry, forging and engineering processes and offer various planning and engineering solutions based on Industry 3.0 or 4.0.

  • Planning in all areas of the foundry and forging industry
  • Foundry engineering for the processes of alloys such as cast iron, steel, aluminum and copper alloys
  • Process optimization for all processes in the foundry and forging industry
  • Foundry consultancy for aluminum, cast iron, steel and copper materials
  • Metallurgical support for aluminum, cast iron, steel, copper materials and special alloys such as gravit die casting cast iron up to 20 tons, special steels, special constructions etc.
  • Planning and project management for preventive and operational maintenance
  • Interim management in all management tasks of the foundry and forging industry, as well as for preventive and operative maintenance.

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About us

MAC GmbH, a team of selected, very experienced experts and specialists, have been involved in selected and demanding projects in the engineering and foundry industry worldwide since 2003 under the leadership of company founder Markus Albert. Our high quality standards and our enormous competence in the foundry, forging and mechanical engineering industry make us a reliable and unique partner worldwide for the complex challenges of the future.

The owners and employees of MAC GmbH attach great importance to a professional and cooperative partnership. You as our customer are therefore an essential part of the joint project team. Our teams are individually put together according to the specific project specifications so that the right knowledge is available in the right place at the right time.

The long-standing use of our expertise in worldwide projects allows us to have a very good market overview about the manufacturers and suppliers of plants and machinery as well as about the raw and auxiliary materials. Our absolute supplier independence guarantees achieving optimal project results and finding flexible solutions. Thanks to the transparent and excellent cooperation with the best suppliers, we can find the best technical and economically optimal solution for each project. That's why we also collaborate on selected projects with recognized universities of applied sciences in order to develop innovative technologies and to find new solutions, so that we are ready for future challenges such as Industry 4.0. In recent years, we have implemented the following projects with the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

  • Sensors for measuring the sand values of bentonite-bound sands, directly on the pattern plate and in the molding process, allowing direct feedback to the sand mixer for adjusting the next sand mix
  • Casting of thin-walled aluminum and steel castings for special components in wall thicknesses of 2.5 to 3.5 mm in aluminum and 1.8 to 3.5 mm in steel
  • Reduction of the cooling time of castings from 1 to 120 t by 50% during solidification and cooling, thereby reducing/avoiding annealing operations

We like to go unconventional ways and like to take non-everyday challenges, so that your project can be realized.


Andreas Roll | Foundry Engineer (FH)

I have been working for MAC GmbH since 2008. We have complemented each other optimally in the project work, so that MAC customers have benefited in the best possible way.

One of the reasons why I have come to appreciate our partnership up to now is that MAC tackles new projects professionally, assesses project goals realistically and fairly, and, above all, cultivates a form of cooperation with customers that suits me completely.

I am therefore particularly pleased that we have now consolidated this cooperation with the aim that I will take over the fate of MAC GmbH after a two-year transition phase.

My professional background:
I started as a toolmaker in a die-casting foundry. As a foundry engineer, I held responsible positions in development, planning and production at tier one foundries. Since 2008, I have been managing the company GiessereiEngineering GmbH.


Markus Albert | Dipl. Oek

(Graduate Business Economist)

Since 2003 Markus Albert is an independent entrepreneur and manages the MAC GmbH. After completing his vocational training as a foundry technologist, he has studied business economics and has many years of national and international experience in business consulting and corporate governance. Markus Albert is a founder with passion and is pleased to provide his extensive knowledge and rich experience together with his team to you - our customers - for economical and technically balanced solutions.

The many of him and his team, as well as that of his former superiors and predecessors worked out know-how, the processes developed for the industry together with industrial partners and universities of applied sciences, can be made available to the customers by Markus Albert, MAC and his partners from industry and universities.

His team and he also enjoy playing in the front lines of the action.

«Success is: Getting up one time more than you fall.»


Romy Albert | Specialist Finance and Accounting

As a trained finance and accounting specialist with many years of experience in the finance sector of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), Romy Albert is the professional contact person for accounting and administrative matters. She is responsible for the finance, accounting and commercial matters of MAC and various other companies. In particular, she has experience in fiduciary activities between SMEs in Switzerland and Germany.

«Nothing is as constant as change.»